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Coldest November Morning Since 1976 hits the United States on November 18th

All 50 states saw at or below freezing temperatures on Tuesday, November 18th, and the very next day many more record low temperatures and record low minimums, as well as record low maximums were set, reports WeatherBELL.  Tuesday morning set the coldest it has been in November since 1976, which was 38 years ago!  More than 85% of the surface area of the Lower-48 reached or fell below freezing temps.  It is reported that 2/3 of the eastern United States will shatter decades-long and in some cases, century-long records.

The past several days have dropped off immensely in temp, down to 10 degrees C below climate normal, which is more anomalous than even the polar vortex.  On Monday, November 17th, more than half of the Lower-48 was blanketed in snow, in some places being measured in FEET!

And according to WeatherBELL, “Cold air pushes east thru Wednesday with a reinforcing shot of Arctic air with the origin from the North Pole & Siberia to arrive Thursday in the Great Lakes. Any relief is 5-6 days away as Chicago, Minneapolis, and Detroit will struggle to rise above freezing until Saturday, November 22.”

Read it all and see the maps here: http://models.weatherbell.com/record.php

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