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Tuesday Trader LLC is a family owned business with family values at its core. Tuesday Trader LLC is an importer that sells directly to the consumer, often at wholesale pricing. We pride ourselves in finding products that are both needed and of high quality. Our pricing is extremely competitive because we cut out the middle man that everyone knows as the “Retailer”, and we pass the savings on to you. We hope that you will find our service to be of the best care and our quality products good enough to recommend to your friends and family. Our current line of thermal underwear is our flagship product. We also sell accessories such as hats, gloves and other clothing for men and women. Come back often to find our latest deals!

We sell through Amazon, Square and our website, so there are a few venues to choose from when purchasing. Pricing reflects the costs of doing business through each venue, and therefore, may be a little different with each site. Of course your best choice will always be to purchase directly off our site.  We also provide wholesale services for merchants who sell on Amazon, Ebay, and other electronic commerce avenues.  Remember at TuesdayTrader.com we are “Importing Quality to Your Door”.

Tuesday Trader LLC
831 Laca St.
Dayton, NV 89403
(877) 202-1001