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Tuesday Trader is the parent company for Morgan Method.

Russell Morgan (毛山峰), the founder of The Morgan Method, is an American teacher, author, businessman and public speaker. His insight on how to learn spoken English quickly has helped thousands of people throughout China. Russell is based in Guangzhou, China, has taught at several Universities within the P.R.C. and is currently a teacher of spoken English at South China Medical University (南方医科大学) where he teaches his students through interesting and interactive techniques. He is the author of the book “The Morgan Method” available on Amazon Kindle, and is currently working on a new type of curriculum. In the process, Russell has designed an APP to help students learn English.  The development of the mobile App’s are a result of the successful application of his methods and his looking for a way to share with more students. There are a total of five applications that are being developed that include practice in listening comprehension, speaking pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and spelling.