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We here at Tuesday Trader LLC believe in using the best materials for our products. On this page you will find detailed descriptions of the types of fabric that we use in our products, like our winter clothing line.

Silk is a natural protein fiber, which is commonly woven into textiles. The protein fiber of silk is composed mainly of fibroin, and is produced by certain insect larvae.  The shimmering appearance of silk is due to the triangular prism-like structure of the silk fibre, which allows silk cloth to refract incoming light at different angles.  Silk has a smooth, soft texture, making it easy to slide under clothing. Silk is known as one of the strongest natural fibers. Silk’s absorbency makes it comfortable to wear in warm weather and while active,  while its low conductivity keeps warm air close to the skin during cold weather. Due to its strength, smooth texture and warmth, silk is perfect for use in winter clothing, especially thermal underwear, because it gives you the ability to stay warm and more importantly, comfortable.


Wool is a textile fiber obtained from sheep and some other animals.  Wool’s scaling and crimp make it easier to spin the fleece by helping the individual fibers attach to each other. Because of the crimp, wool fabrics have greater bulk than other textiles, and they hold air, which causes the fabric to retain heat. This makes it ideal for clothing, especially winter clothing.  Wool can absorb almost one-third of its own weight in water and a lower rate of heat release.  Ideal for use in thermal undergarments like Long Johns.