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Mid-May Storm Drops 3ft of Snow in Colorado

On Monday, May 12th, a snowstorm dumped as much as 3 feet (91 cm) of snow on Colorado’s Rocky Mountains while the U.S. Midwest braced for hail and other severe weather.

Snow had already been accumulating for about 4 days prior, and deep snow was reported in Utah.  Though it is not too uncommon for strange weather in Colorado, the storm dumped 4 inches in Denver, CO and about 36 inches in the mountains northeast of Steamboat Springs, CO. 

Hail and damaging winds were forecasted in parts of Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, southeast Kansas, Oklahoma, central Texas, Arkansas, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, northern Indiana and northwest Ohio for monday, communities on the watch for severe weather.

Find out more about Storm Zephyr Here: http://i.wund.com/news/winter-storm-zephyr-forecast-rockies-denver-colorado-snow-20140509