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Morgan Method Movie APP


The first of five APPs that are being designed, this APP addresses the problem of listening comprehension. The others address: phonics, phonemes, pronunciation and sentence structure.

How the APP works:

This app uses short movie and TV Show clips to determine listening comprehension. The student can choose from many different titles. Each title is associated with a subtitle file. The student can use the APP in several different “Modes” . The student can watch the show using the subtitles, without subtitles, or in “Blackout mode” where the student only hears the audio and does not see the video.  Each method trains the ear and brain differently and at different levels.

Begin by setting up your “Learning Profile”. Your learning profile will determine how difficult the questions are when using the APP. Beginner questions are general understanding of the audio content, Intermediate are the more specific questions of understanding and alternative word use, and the Advanced level gives you questions about underlying content, implication and meaning ( these questions may require critical thinking ).

Secondly, select how many segments you wish to listen to at a time. Each segment consists of two sentences of the audio/video clip. The higher the segment selection, the more difficult. If you select “Stop for every segment” then you will hear/watch two sentences and then be asked a series of up to three questions. If you select “Stop for every 2 segments” then you will hear/watch four sentences and so on…. We recommend using 2 or 3 segments to begin with, and as your comprehension improves, increase that to 6.

At the end of each segment the student has listened to, the student will be asked three random questions from the question pool designed by us. If the student is using the APP as an Advanced user, the student will be given both beginner and intermediate questions, as well as advanced. If the student is an intermediate user, then the student will be given both beginner and intermediate questions. The number of correctly answered questions determines the student’s Listening Comprehension score. Once the questions have been answered, the program will tell the student if he/she is correct or not, and what the correct answer to the question was.

Lastly, set your comprehension goal. This number is a percentage of the total dialogue listening comprehension that the student wishes to reach.  A 50% listening comprehension goal may be good for a beginner in this APP, but affords for a lot of misunderstanding in real conversation. A more reasonable and higher goal might be 65 – 80 percent. This curve is not linear, therefore a 100% listening goal is next to impossible to attain. The student can check on his/her progress toward the goal at any time using the graphic display in the APP. The APP keeps tract of the listening comprehension score for each specific title . This means that the student can work on different titles at the same time.

After each clip segment, to confirm comprehension, the student is required to answer some questions about what he/she just heard. If the student did not fully understand what was said, they can listen to the clip again and repeat it as many times as they want. Once the student answers the questions, he/she is allowed to move on to the next segment or exit the program. If the student decides to exit, his/her place in the movie is saved so that, when they return, they may resume at the same point they left off .

After watching all possible segments to a movie clip, the student will be asked  up to 25 general comprehension questions about the clip just watched. These answers are all averaged into the student’s overall comprehension.


How to use the APP

Use the subtitles to begin with.. Then try to watch/listen to the movie without subtitles. See if you can maintain the same level of proficiency in listening comprehension. Lastly, try the most difficult task, and use the APP in blackout mode for audio only. This is the most difficult level and if you can accomplish this while still making your desired listening comprehension goal, you are on your way to learning English. If you want to improve your listening comprehension percentage, change the goal to a higher number and go through the same title. The questions that are asked you will generally be different unless you are using the beginner level.