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Our Story

Where did we get the name Tuesday Trader, you may ask?

Our story begins in 1967 near Lancaster, CA.  My father grew up on a ranch that my grandfather owned and operated to supplement his firefighter income in Los Angeles County.  It just so happened, as a way to bring in new livestock and make some extra cash, my grandfather would go to the livestock and general auction in Lancaster to sell and trade livestock.  Every week he would go to the auction on Tuesday, often returning with some new and unique item that was not livestock related. When asked by my Grandmother why he would buy such a thing, he would always look at her with a sly smile and say, “I traded it!”

In keeping with this tradition, when I decided to create this company, Tuesday Trader was born – where we trade in all kinds of goods.

Even today, years since my grandfather has passed, and even longer since he sold his livestock at the local auction, we still pride ourselves on two things: providing the highest-quality unique products to our customers, and being a family owned and operated company.

We carry on the tradition, and we hope you will join our family as well.

-Elisha Morgan

Managing Director