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Winter Flap Hat – Unisex w/ Face Cover

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Keep Your Head Warm from the Harshest Conditions with this Winter Flap Hat!

This unisex winter flap hat is a multi-function hat at its best! No longer do you need a scarf, ear muffs, or other extra accessories to keep your whole head warm.  This winter flap hat features ear flaps that can be pinned up out of the way or brought down to cover your ears, neck and cheeks.  This winter flap hat also comes with a completely removable face mask to keep your mouth and nose warm from those chilly winds!  Designed with both fashion and function in mind, this hat is made with a water resistant material for the outside layer to help defend your head from the worst weather, and a warm, cushioned layer inside to ensure your head is comfortable and that you retain heat .  The multiple functions and extra protection this winter hat boasts makes it perfect to take out on the slopes or to wear for a casual meeting. Either way, be sure that your whole head is protected with this unisex Winter Flap Hat with face mask!

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This unisex Winter Flap Hat is the ultimate in cold weather headgear:

  • This winter hat features a removable face mask that buttons on to protect your face from chilly winds and extreme cold.
  • Water resistant  and wind breaking outside layer of this winter hat protects against snow, rain and other types of weather.
  • Ear flaps on this winter hat adjust to cover ears or button up for style choices.
  • Designed for the coldest weather, this winter hat’s inner layer is filled with a plush, extremely warm material.

Defeat the chilly temperatures with this Winter Flap Hat!

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 6 x 1 in

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