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Winter Gloves – Windstopper Touchscreen

$ 19.95

Keep your hands comfortable and warm this winter with Mongol Winter Wear Windstopper Touchscreen Gloves! Unlike many other gloves, functionality and usage were kept in mind when designing these winter gloves.  Three fingers on each hand have been specially designed with a material that enables you to use your smartphone with ease.  These cold weather gloves are both water and wind resistant.  You’ll love the sleek feel and design of these gloves as your hands aren’t clumsy or awkward like traditional cold weather gloves.

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These winter gloves incorporate functionality alongside comfort:

  • Smart Device Compatible: Special design allows you to use thumb, index and middle finger with your touchscreen device – on either hand!
  • These gloves are water and wind resistant, made with the worst weather kept in mind!
  • These gloves are snug, form-fitting and more natural feeling compared to the typical bulky design of cold weather gloves.
  • A zipper has been incorporated on both hands to make it even easier to get these gloves on and off.
  • Palms also designed to hold your smart technology, no slipping electronics – feel secure while you hold your phone or MP3 player.

These winter gloves will blow away your expectations!

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Dimensions 10 x 6 x 1 in

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