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Montana and Wyoming Brace for Snow in August

The coming weekend of August 29th could be a cold one for a few states, “low temperatures will drop below freezing in the higher elevations,” with the possibility of first snowfall of the season.

“In West Glacier, Montana, the average date for the first temperature below 32 degrees is Sept. 13, so the cold conditions are about three weeks ahead of schedule.” Snow accumulations will be a few inches or less, and the snow isn’t expected to stay, but up to 8 inches of snow is possible on the highest peaks through Monday. According to Linda Lam’s article.

It looks like there will be continued snow into next week with the cold temperatures (including frost), but should the weather should be clear by the first weekend of September.  These mini weather patterns could be serious signs of a stinging winter ahead!

Read the full story here: http://www.wunderground.com/news/first-snow-august-montana-glacier-national-park-20140822